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1. Privacy Rights/ Surveillance (Info)

2. Asset Forfeiture/ ALPR (Info)

3. Police Militarization (Info)

4. Rendition and Torture (Info) (More)

5. 2nd Amendment Preservation (Info)

6. Healthcare Mandates (Info)

7. End The Fed/ Sound Money (Info)

8. Hemp Freedom (Info)

9. Marijuana Sanctuary States (Info)

10. Smart Meter Opt Out/ 5G Wireless (Info)

11. Anti Geoengineering Legislation (Info) (More)




1. Offnow Handbook (Here)

2. Nullification Organizers Toolkit (Here)


We recommend focusing on 1-3 bills and getting the model legislation into the hands of your state and local legislators.

Reach out to other legislators who are favorable to the issue. Calls are more effective than emails. Firmly ask them to introduce in the current legislative session. 

Contact your legislators January 1st and ask for a meeting. We can help you prepare. If the legislators require information you cannot provide, contact us and we will follow up with them. 

Find your state legislators: (Here) or (Here)

Find your local legislators on the county board through the county website.

IL Legislation (Here)

Favorable Legislators (Here)


Electronic Data Privacy Act (Here)


4th Amendment Protection Act (Here)


Stingray Spying (Here)


Asset Forfeiture 

(Anti Circumvention Act) (Criminal Forfeiture)


Automatic License Plate Readers-ALPR (Here)


Stop Federal Police Militarization 

(Option 1) (Option 2) (Option 3)


2nd Amendment Preservation Act

(Local) (Step 1) (Next Steps)


Human Dignity Protection Act (Here)

Healthcare Mandates (ACA Bill)

(Step 1) (Step 2) (Step 3) (Step 4) 

Constitutional Tender Act (Here)


Gold/Silver Bullion Depository (Info) (Legislation)


Hemp Freedom Act

(Option 1) (Option 2) (Option 3)


The Peace Act-Marijuana (Here)


Smart Meter Opt Out

(Version 1) (Version 2) (Version 3)


Anti Geoengineering Legislation (Here)